Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last Movie I Watched: Cloverfield

That was one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

Despite negative criticism from my peers, the movie actually was enjoyable for me. It gave me a thrill I haven't experienced in a long time! The acting was great too, despite the cast being made of unheard-of's. And the effects and film editing... All fantastic. Everything in the movie seemed very genuine! J.J. Abrams (also director of my fave TV series, Lost) did not disappoint me.

I absolutely recommend the film, even when people say it's a waste of time...
Just bring a barf-bag with you... I'm in fact still dizzy from the whole experience.


  1. LizzyT said...

    I watched this one last night, great film, enjoyed it but would have liked to have learned how the thing arrived, where it came from.