Saturday, February 2, 2008

Last Movie I Saw: Juno

It's a simple plot that stirs complicated emotions. A very great performance by main star Ellen Paige (garnering a well-deserved Academy Award Best Actress nomination), a creative and humorous script, and a compelling story of life and love, all in this unusual feel-good film.

And Jenifer Garner's in it! Hehehe.

This is a definite must-see for everyone... :-)


  1. Marjie said...

    hah...that movie is in my must see movie list ever since it's been getting so much attention from the holywood award scene. the one movie i'd been dying to see though, whether or not it's good, is the remake of "the eye", which progress i've followed on imdb since i saw the orginal chinese version.

    i think i might march my way into a theater this weekend. i got a few harkins pass i need to use anyway. please, wish me well!

    cheers always,

  2. Ozzy said...

    Thanks for the comment. I'm not into Asian horror movies much, but good luck with that anyway...

    And I'm glad to here from a great Filipino blogger like you... Your posts are awesome!

  3. danpakz said...

    did the movie show the "baby making scene"? ahehehe :D wanna watch it from the start