Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ramiele Malubay: Another Pinoy on American Idol!

The Filipino flavor is eminent in this year's American Idol. We have another Pinoy American Idol-hopeful, this time sans the funny Philippinisms and the notorious Simon-praising song. This is definitely the real deal, as she proved last night on the Top 24 Performances episode of AI that she genuinely deserves a spot in the top 10.
She's Ramiele Malubay, a cute 20-year old from Florida who's as Filipino as her name suggests. And unlike the other Pinoy who auditioned this year (see related older post) she's someone who can make us proud, with her powerfully soulful voice and cute personality. She's got the looks and talent to go far in this competition.
So to all Filipinos and Americans in the US: Vote for Ramiele! Mabuhay Malubay! (got that one from the comment thread of the Youtube vid of Ramiele's performance, hehehe)

She was great last night with the song "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me." So I do hope she stays long on the show. I'm excited to see more of this great Pinoy talent!


Now, I just want to say here who my other favorites on American Idol Season 7 are.
I'd be happy if I could see more of Jason Castro on the show, because his performance the other day was really cool, and sounded professional and unique. He's got the dreadlock thing going on, which I believe could unconsciously help him get some votes (because by theory people vote the more memorable contestants). He's my fave from among the guy contestants. David Archuleta's not my favorite, but I'm sure he'll go far as well, as he's a hit with the girl teens. I bet he'll even get into the top 5, assuming he'll maintain a not-bad performance throughout the rest of the show. From among the girls, aside from Ramiele I have high hopes for Syesha Mercado and Alexandrea Lushington. Although I can't say anything final at this point because I've yet to see their other performances. I like Brooke White also, because she was great in Hollywood week with her piano and sunny attitude. However, I was kind of disappointed with her performance last night.

The contestants I want OUT of the competition now are Danny Noriega and Amy Davis, who are now the picks, for their really bad performances. Knowing America though, they'll probably let Danny the Gay Guy stay on. Americans love campy entertainment.

Americans... Spare us from another Sanjaya phenomenon. Please vote for the authentically talented ones this time.


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