Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hilarious Pinoy Overnight Sensation: Reynaldo Lapuz

I'm dumbfounded... And I need a cure for Last Song Syndrome.

Should this reinforce my sense of nationalism, or should this be another reason why I sometimes wish I wasn't born Filipino?

Either way, I find this extremely hilarious...
After all those Pinoys around the world getting famous and giving pride to our beloved country, comes some weirdy-deirdy guy dressed in weirdy-deirdy clothes who weirdy-deirdly idolizes Simon Cowell with a weirdy-deird song.

I'm talking about Reynaldo Lapuz, a FILIPINO from Reno, Nevada, and his crazy song (surprisingly now sort of a hit in the US) called "We're Brothers Forever." He got famous overnight after his hilarious audition last Jan 16, 2008 on the latest American Idol season. See the video here:

And I actually agree with Simon Cowell's prediction: This is most likely gonna be a hit record. Hahaha

Here are the lyrics to his comical song, which by the way seem very distinctly Pinoy:

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing this song's
the music that you love. <--- Note how sings the high note like April Boy here...
We're brothers
To the end of time,
Together or not
You're always in my heart
Your hurt, your feelings in you will reign no more
(Repeat 100x)

If you need affirmation that he really IS Filipino, just listen to the way he talks in broken English, his use of popular Philippinisms like "free of [ts]arge" and "give [ts]ance to everyone". And his name! Nothing beats that one.

You can check the forums, blogs, answer boards, wherever; he's 100% PINOY.


  1. Bendever Gerona said...

    hihih. I wrote a blog bout the guy too.