Thursday, January 31, 2008

Portable Photoshop CS3 Extended

You can now run Photoshop CS3 Extended directly off your portable USB drive!

With this thinstalled version of Photoshop CS3 you can do the ff on the go:
  • Correct/manipulate images
  • Create cool designs and digital art
  • Crop/resize photos
  • Design static webpages
  • Create animated graphics
  • Do design projects anywhere (for graphic designers)
It's a Photoshop user's dream come true!
Unlike other portable PS CS3 apps on the net, this particular one starts up very fast, and it's able to do almost all of things the regular version can do. It's also smaller than other versions; only 54MB, and almost the same size when extracted.

Click here to download:


  1. thesavril said...

    Thanks Ozzie!!! mwha mwha!!! hahahah!! thank you!